Embodied Counselling & trauma processing. EMDR, SSP and somatic interventions

Why might want to consider therapy?

Do you feel stuck, in relationships, in unwanted habits, in purpose?

Are you having difficulty regulating your emotions?

Do you want to set and maintain healthier boundaries?

Are your relationships (children, family, partner, friends, colleagues) suffering in ways that you can’t make sense of?

Is a past trauma impacting your life now?*

Are you struggling to identify your needs or get them met?

Are you noticing repetitive behaviour life themes you’d like to change?

Do you want to be fully engaged with the people around you?

Do you feel unworthy, damaged, or broken?

Do your feelings lead to becoming overwhelmed, ashamed or collapsed?

Do you experience sensory sensitivities that impact your ability to socialise and connect with others? †

Are you looking for therapy where you can be really open about sex / BDSM / alternative relationship styles?

* Signs you might be dealing with some traumatic memory in your body: anxiety, depression, self-loathing, nightmares, flashbacks, addictive / compulsive behaviors, reactivity, unexplained angry outbursts, being unable to fully open your heart to another human, forgetfulness / brain fog.

† I deliver a specific therapeutic intervention called Safe and Sound protocol (SSP), which can have powerful re-tuning of nervous system responses.