My standard appointments are 75 minutes long. This is to allow for space to incorporate intentional practice as part of the session.
The ‘process’ part of session ends at 60 minutes, and then we ask ‘what practice would support me now, and going forward?’.
This might be something that I guide you in, or it might be something you bring that I’ll hold space for you to take the time to do it. We might practice something together, or we might need that time to work out what you will do and when.
Fees (in AUD)
75 minute embodied counselling =  $190
20 minute intro = $10
SSP subscription = $250 (for 3 months use)
60 minute SSP check in session = $150
30 minute SSP check in session = $75



Preparing for your session

All sessions take place via Zoom, adjunct to Bilateral Base where EMDR is taking place. SSP also require an app download on your phone.

It is helpful to consider:

Safety – will you be able to find a private space where you feel safe and free to express yourself, and not be disturbed by others?

Space – some aspects of the work we do together may involve standing and moving around. In this event, can you set up your device so that you can do this? You don’t always have to be on screen so that I can see you, although at times this is the ideal, but I will still need to be able to hear you and you hear me. Bluetooth headphones and microphone can help.

Speed – an unstable internet connection can disrupt the rhythm of our connection. Don’t worry, I’m used to having some interruption on occasion, and we roll with what is, but do consider how you can maximise your connection for our call e.g. connecting via ethernet or LAN rather than using WiFi.

Satisfaction – some people still dislike connecting over video-conference, and perhaps believe somatic therapies are impoverished when delivered this way. I truly don’t find this to be the case, and I have my own personal therapeutic sessions delivered in an embodied way over Zoom. I can still track your experience in my body, and enquire for congruence, the same way as I would if we were in the room together.

Please email me with any questions or to arrange a session on