A truly sex / kink positive therapist

I embody this philosophy to my core. My work as a professional Dominatrix and FSSW has given me the exposure to a vast array of human sexual desire, and the chance to truly connect with folx whose interests did not directly align with my own, as well as accept as pretty commonplace the more ‘perverse’ sexual fantasies people have. I have become entrenched in a culture of acceptance and curiosity about all consensual sexy and / or kinky play, and it is fascinating and beautiful and such a privilege!

It wasn't always easy for me

I have been interested in BDSM for as long as I can remember, devouring the fantasies related in Nancy Friday's 'Secret Garden', when I discovered them at around age 11. But it often felt as if everyone else was having mind-blowing sex*, and there was something wrong with me. One significant aspect that led me to the sex industry was that I wanted to make this my life, with no where to hide, to find those things I so desired; comfort and self-acceptance, to find out what was possible in this life. It took a huge amount of courage and determination for me to keep returning to illuminate my desire, re-examine interests and 'shameful' secrets. And I'm still learning.

*when I use the word sex these days, I do not assume that this involves any genitals, and certainly don't assume that there is any penetration involved, although of course there can be. I use sex to mean any activity that engages with the sexual or sensual self, be that fantasy, BDSM play, group, partnered, or solo play.


In embodied talk sessions I can engage and explore with in explicit relation to difficulty / curiosity in solo sex, relationships, sexual relating with others, and all aspects of kink and BDSM play, but does not have to be exclusively so.

What these are not, is exercises in titillation. I’ll address this immediately I believe it is arising, and we’ll work together to find if there’s a way we can work together that fits within my boundaries.

I also offer in person kinky skills tuition when geography allows. I currently live in Melbourne and can offer these sessions tailored to your needs here, please email me with your enquiry.

With Barbara Carrellas at the end of the 6 day Urban Tantra Professional Training in 2019.

With Deej and Uma of the ISS at the end of the 14-day intensive module of the Certificate in Sexological Bodywork in 2016.